The Quasar 35w HID Dive light is a new unique dive light offering a powerful 2800Lm. Depth rated to 200ft it can run for 110mins.


The Quasar 35w HID Dive light is a new unique, innovative dive light that takes underwater diving to the next level. The Quasar is the first of its kind to incorporate a Hi-Lumen 35w HID Xenon bulb which allows you to penetrate deep dark waters or any other dark area much farther with higher visibility.

Furthermore Quasar does not compromise on battery life either, utilizing a 6600maH lithium battery it has a runtime of around 110mins & with over 500 recharging cycles makes it light years of any of its counterparts.

The Quasar can also be used in or out of the water and in all weather conditions, with its exclusive quick release design the 3 types of filters can be changed accordingly. Additionally the Quasar has two types of hand grips pistol or lantern, these grips can be changed according to comfort or use.


The Quasar is smartly gift boxed and includes:


Light Filters: 1.Diffusion (widen beam angle, change from spot to flood)

2. Yellow (better visibility when foggy)

3. Amber (reduce Kelvin from 7000K to 5600K)

In-car & Indoor mains charger

Pistol Grip & Lantern Grip

Wrist Lanyard

Rubber Lens Over mould


Specifications & Features


Size: 11.6CM (D) X19.04CM

Bulb Type: 35W HID

Bulb Life: 3000 hrs

Light Output: 2800 Lm

Run Time:35W with 6600Ma Battery-around 105 mins

Battery: Quality Rechargeable Lithium Battery with over 500 Charging Cycles

Waterproof: 200ft IP54

Beam angle: MR16-12 & 24




Quasar 35w HID

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